Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Preliminary Schedule for 2016 Is Now Live!

Dear Friends,

I'm pleased to announce that the Preliminary 2016 Schedule of Events for Temple of Isis Convocation 2016 is now live. Our Presenters Include:

Anandha Ray
Annie Waters
Arisa Victor aka Granny Rainbow
Carolina Amor
Celestine Star
deTraci Regula
Dragonfly Adularia
Donny Regalmuto
Heather Salmon
Ilonna Marshall
Jim Berenholtz
Jordina "Jil" Love
Kasey Conder
Leslie Kirk-Campbell
Linda Iles
Lois Flood
Marylyn Motherbear Scott
Michael Starsheen
MonaLisa Wallace
Prince arThor
Quimera Tribe
Rain Graves
Tracy Isadore
Yeshe Rabbit

We can't wait to see you this October! Space is limited, so be sure to make your reservations if you have not already.

Rev. Rain Graves & deTraci Regula
Temple of Isis | Isis Oasis Sanctuary

Monday, August 15, 2016

Important Deadlines for Volunteers & Presenters (plus General Info)


It is time, once again, for the Temple of Isis Annual Convocation, October 7-10, 2016, at Isis-Oasis Sanctuary in Geyserville, California. If you are planning to attend and have not booked your reservations yet, please do so by calling 707-857-4747, or emailing Isis Oasis with "Reservations for Convocation" in the subject line. Room rates are per person, shared occupancy. Lodge rooms are $125/person per night and include all events and meals. Dorm rates are $65/night, or free for volunteers (contact Rain if you wish to volunteer). Day passes are $50 and only cover events from 11am-11pm and two meals.

SPONSORS: If you are sponsoring someone (or several) to be ordained, or if they are requesting a Blessing of The Path, please contact me with a list as soon as possible.

PRESENTERS and those wishing to do so: The deadline for presentations has past, however, I am putting together the presentation schedule over the next few days, and proposals (title and blurb description of what you wish to present) are now due. If you have not already done so, please email it to me and I will confirm your compensation of one free night of room and board in the Nesu House (unless otherwise requested).

We are very excited about this year's event, and truly thank each and every person who attends and those who help make the magic happen. We are a small team, but a very Goddess-Dedicated one, and we welcome new-comers with open arms. :-)

Rev. Rain Graves
Temple of Isis | Fellowship of Isis

Monday, November 16, 2015

2016 God/Goddess Announced

We are excited to release the names of the God and Goddess for Convocation 2016, which will be held over Columbus Day Weekend at Isis Oasis Sanctuary in Geyserville, California. Bookings are open, and you may reserve your room. If you are interested in presenting, please send your proposal to Rev. Rain Graves via email. This website will be updated next year with more details. For now, please feel free to view the 2015 activities and schedule to get an idea of the kinds of things you can expect.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Final Schedule is Now Posted!

Please click the link above in the menu bar to reveal the final schedule for Convocation 2015. We look forward to seeing you there. If you have not already made your reservations, please do so by calling 707-857-4747. We have a limited number of Lodge room accommodations still available, and a few dorm beds left.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Convocation 2015 Presenters Announced + A Few More To Be Confirmed!

Bright Blessings Everyone,

Our 2015 list of presenters and performers is:

Anandha Ray & the Quimera Tribe
Arisa "Granny Rainbow" Victor
Carolina Amor
Celestine Star
deTraci Regula
Dragonfly Adularia
Elizabeth Kelley
Emakhet Uru
Heather Salmon & Donny Regalmuto
Kalita Todd
Kasey Conder
Leslie Kirk-Campbell & Caryl Joy Campbell
Linda Iles
Mana Youngbear
Marilyn Motherbear Scott
Michael Starsheen
Rain Graves
Shannon Smith
Zarita Zook

Plus more to be confirmed! If I have emailed you requesting confirmation or your photos/bios, please be sure to confirm. If you have not received confirmation from me, please check your spam box, or contact me directly at rain.graves "at" gmail (dot) com.

We still have some availability for volunteers in the kitchen. deTraci Regula and I will be finalizing the schedule in the next week, and hope to have it posted soon after.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Call for Presentations - Deadline is September 1st!

This is a reminder for those TOI and FOI priests and priestesses who will be attending our annual Temple of Isis Convocation in October and wish to present. Please send your paragraphs on what you'd like to do for consideration to Rain Graves. Feel free to ask questions or make recommendations on things you'd like to see. We will make the schedule available closer to October 1st.